This device featured by its ease and quickness of operation makes it possible for us to measure the following items in record time:

- Value of the corneal astigmatism.
- Astigmatism corneal axis.
- Cornea refraction.
- Curvature radius.

It can be used as well for measuring aproximatively the cornea curvature in values ranging from -5,5 to 11 mm, or in other words in diopters between 30 or 60 (refraction power).

Thanks to the grading on the arc one can easily measure 0,05 mm or 1/4 diopter.
The measurement system consist of a series of stepped sights by which one can reach up to maximum 12 diopters, being each step equivalent to one diopter.
The Optilasa Ophthalmometer features and only knob which draws horizontally and vertically, as well as an interior fixation point which makes it much easier to focus the patient's eye.
After having finished with this operation , also with an only control knob we can proceed to measure by drawing the sights on the graded arc up to 90º.
Once the horizontal and vertical measurement have been performed the posisition of the astigmatism axis is exactly located and case it exists.
The scale are reasonably well ilumitated as a result of the biochromatic sights.
It also features a diopter adjustment on the eyepiece for achieving a full neatness in the patient's examination.


  • 1 Chinrest tissue.
  • 1 Spare bulb.
  • 2 Thumbtacks.
  • 1 Fuse.
  • 1 Breath shield.
  • 1 Power cord 110/220 V.
  • 2 Allen wrenches, 5 and 6 mm.



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