Range Steps, Scale Graduations Additional Information
Sphere -19.00D to +16.76D 0.25D +0.12D sphere inauxiliary dial included.
Cylinder Power 0.00D to 6.00 D 0.25D Plus or minus lens system optional.0.12 and 2.00D in accessory cells included.
Cylinder Axis 360º (Double  0º-180º scale)
Cross cylinder ± 0.50 - -
Prism 0to 20D 1D -
P.D. 48 mm to 75 mm 1 mm -
Vertex Distance 13.75 mm - Graduations extend range by 6 mm
Reading Distance (normal) 5" to 28" - Centimeter and diopter scales included.
Auxiliary Dial 10 lenses plus 2 open apertures - -


  1. Rotation Adjustment Knob
  2. Mounting Bracket
  3. Tilt Clamp Screw
  4. Reading Rod Clamp Screw
  5. Reading Rod Hoder
  6. Spirit Level
  7. P.D. Scale
  8. Forehead Rest Knob
  9. Leveling Knob
  10. P.D. Knob
  11. Vergence Lever
  12. Auxiliary Lens Scale
  13. Auxiliary Lens Knob
  14. Strong Sphere Control
  15. Corneal Aligning Device
  16. Sphere Power Scale
  17. Weak Sphere Dial
  18. Cyinder Axis Scale
  19. Cylinder Axis Indicators
  20. Cylinder Axis Reference Scale
  21. Cylinder Power Scale
  22. Cross Cylinder Unit
  23. Cylinder Power Knob
  24. Cylinder Axis Knob
  25. Rotary Prism Unit


The auxiliary lens Dial of the Classic Refractor provides a selection of 10 auxiliary lenses plus two open apertures. Beginning at "0" (Open Aperture) at the top of the scale, the lenses will index into position in the folowing order as you turn the auxliary dial knob clockwise:
  • "R" - RETINOSCOPIC LENS-. +1.50D; low reflection coated.
Compensates for working distance during retinoscopy. For example, the standard 1.50D. lens compensates for the convenient distance of 26 inches.
  • "P" - POLARIZING LENS-. for binocular refraction techniques.

Axis is 45º left eye, 135º right eye.

  • "WMH" or "RMV" - MADDOX ROD, HORIZONTAL- white, left eye - red, right eye.
  • "WMV" - MADDOX ROD, VERTICAL- white, left eye - red, right eye.
  • "RL" - RED LENS - for binocular vision tests.
  • "O" - OPEN APERTURE- second open aperture provided as a vided

as a convenience feature - never have to turn all the way back.

  • "+.12" -+12D SPHERE- refines spherical correction to 1/8 thD steps.
  • "PH" -PIN HOLE
  • "10DI" or "6DU" - 10DBASE-IN LEFTEYE....................

     6 BASE-UP RIGHT EYE - dissociating prisms.

  • "±.50" - ±.50D FIXED CROSS CYLINDER.....................

Axis preset for dynamic and dissociated tests.



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